Über uns

Who We Are

Der Fӧrderverein Capoeira Alafia e.V. unterstützt die Friedensarbeit der gemeinnü

tzigen Organisation ‘Capoeira Alafia’ in Jamaika. Dort wird Kindern und Jugendlichen – vor allem aus Armenvierteln Kingstons – ein friedliches Zusammenleben durch die Afro-Brasilianische Kampf/Tanzkunst und Kultur der Capoeira(LINK) sowie auf Permakultur(LINK) und kreativem Recycling(LINK) basierenden Umweltprojekten vermittelt.

Our Mission

To use Capoeira combined with mentoring, employability and environmental awareness to promote peace, harmony and opportunity amongst young people in Jamaica.

To create a safe and inclusive space at Harmony Hill that will stimulate the holistic development of young people and provide them with access to a naturally stimulating and supportive environment

Our Values



We see ourselves as a part of nature. We strive to attain physical, emotional, social and spiritual balance through our work


We are prepared to work hard and be persistent in our effort in order to achieve our goals.


We help each other and take care of one another as a family



We are inclusive. We accept everyone who shares our goals


Through our good behaviour we express our care for the environment and people


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