Who We Are

Capoeira Alafia is a charitable organization with branches in Jamaica and Germany. We are dedicated to the wellbeing of children and young adults and work to inspire them to realize their highest potential

Our Approach

Capoeira Alafia (CA) offers the multi-facetted martial art/dance/culture of capoeira in combination with a diverse self-development component, designed to foster the holistic development of children and young adults.

While our Capoeira for Peace program intentionally promotes cooperation and non-aggression, CA’s second focal point on the environment is based on permaculture principles and living in harmony with nature.

Our Vision

To see a world where young people live in peace and harmony and are no longer affected by poverty.

Our Mission

To use Capoeira combined with holistic self-development, mentoring, employability and environmental awareness to promote peace, harmony and opportunity amongst young people.

Our Values



We are prepared to work hard and be persistent in our effort in order to achieve our goals.


We help each other and take care of one another as a family


We are inclusive. We accept everyone who shares our goals


Through our good behaviour we express our care for the environment and people


We see ourselves as a part of nature. We strive to attain physical, emotional, social and spiritual balance through our work

Capoeira Alafia (Jamaica)

Capoeira Alafia was founded in 2007 in Kingston, Jamaica and is a registered charitable organizationo Capoeira Alafia was founded in 2007 in Kingston, Jamaica and is a registered charitable organization.

Over the years numerous projects/programs, lectures and demonstrations engaged children and youths from all over Jamaica – particularly from Kingston’s volatile inner city communities.

Collaborations with local and international organizations, government agencies, embassies and individuals allowed Capoeira Alafia to positively impact the lives of many of the most vulnerable young Jamaicans

Förderverein Capoeira Alafia e.V.

The Foerderverein Capoeira Alafia e.V. is a registered charitable organization, based in Germany and founded in 2008

The organization has been supporting the social outreach programs conducted in Jamaica by its sister organization and furthermore realizes projects with and for children and youths in Germany and beyond

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